At the beginning of the year I started a super hero and villain series that had a different twist to it. We just wrapped up the second shoot on 7/28/2014 and I couldn't be anymore excited. We went with a villain this time -and after months of planning, we were able to make it come alive! I chose Venom. One of my favorites of all time. I decided I wanted to have it be a body painting and I couldn't have done it with out the amazing Jessi Jewel. She's an amazing makeup/body painter that we had the luck to work with in the past and she KILLED it!! She was definitely the backbone to this project. The model I chose for the part of Venom was the crazy cool Melissa Brown, who was very excited about the idea when I asked her. We also worked with her in the past which so happen to be with Jessi. So we already knew each other and how we all worked on set.

We started at the butt crack of dawn, 9:30am (to me that's REALLY early!) because we knew painting was going to take up most of the time. Since we are awesome, everyone showed up on time and it didn't take long to get started. We had two looks in mind: The first one was having the Venom suit look as if it was in the middle of consuming Melissa. The second look was Venom in her final form, so we had a long day ahead of us.

"First, lets get these crazy nails on you"

"First, lets get these crazy nails on you"

Jessi was a painting machine! She did however have to do it all by hand, which wasn't a bad thing at all. Her airbrush paint and supplies decided to take it's sweet ass time coming in the mail and she wasn't able to use them. Which by the way, why do websites do that when you need what ever it is you just purchased as soon as possible and you pay for a faster shipping, and they're ALWAYS late?!? Though, it didn't hinder her expertise at all. Melissa was a trooper for sure! By the time the first look was done, 4 hours had past, which is an insane amount of time to just sit. She was still with us and ready to take the roll as Venom. After the first part of the shoot, we took a break and ate some lunch and moved onto the second look, which was the full suit and the face of Venom. Jessi did some research and noticed that other people painted Venom's face down the neck of their model to make it look like it was his big mouth. We decided we were going to keep it all on the face....because we're cool like that. It was such a trip seeing the finished product. Venom was ALIVE!! After 8 hours of hard work, months of planning, our creation was finished and ready to be photographed.

-Jessie Rand

Be sure to keep an eye out for the up and coming post on the editing of the final image!

Be sure to check out Jessie Jewel and her work and hire her for the awesomeness! 

Jessi Jewel:

Everyone that made it all come together!

Everyone that made it all come together!

Darren Scared of Miss Venom

Craig being sexy showing his posing thoughts

One of the many awesome images before the process begins in editing

Something extra showing one of the other crazy poses we did

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