All people that are creative do things differently, just like everyone else in the world. One of the big things that has always been in my mind as we progress forward in in our artistic ability, is how to keep the creative flow going. 

I don't know about you but I am always coming up against road blocks as I work on different projects. This is a thing that can deter a good amount of artists from really progressing and expanding there talent as an artist. I have found many different ways to help with the creative process and how to keep the flow going.  I will give you the tips and tricks that I have learned over the years that have helped me keep my head in the game all these years.

Remember that this is my personal out look on this stuff no one told me these things I just figured them out as I went along. Now for those tips.

1. Get Some Sleep - Now I know that this maybe be a duh comment but it really truly is amazing how much a good nights rest can help with the creative mojo. I don't know how many times I got a bad nights worth of sleep and the next day I had a big project. The job always gets done, but it takes a bit longer to put all the pieces together. The better rested I am, the faster the mind works while being creative on a set or while creating the piece I am working on. 

2. Eat Some Food and Keep Hydrated - Another one of those duhs, however I don't know how many times I have been drawn into what I am doing so much where I don't ever think about eating or drinking. In fact I am so bad at it that while on sets for photo shoots and video work I always put someone in charge of making sure I eat and drink. Now I am that stubborn person that will want to keep working instead of taking the time to fuel my engine. You have to draw yourself away from your mind everyone once and awhile and take care of yourself. 

3. Step Away for a bit - Now this is a hard one for me. But when you have your mind in the project so much you start missing things and they will become a blur. Just step away it's amazing what you can do when you aren't thinking about what your working on even for 5 minutes. You come back with a different perspective and will then have to regain your bearings on the piece your working on. 

4. Know when to Quit - Look we have all have been there, especially when your a perfectionist. Sometimes you just have to call something done. 

5. Trash - Don't be afraid to trash something. We all make mistakes, as long as we learn from those mistakes we will better ourselves. I am always trashing pieces or parts of pieces to go in a different direction cause what I had wasn't working. So take the opportunity and get something done and just throw it away, but here is the thing, DON'T LOOK BACK, don't dwell on the loss. Just pick up and keep moving forward.

6. Surround yourself with Creativity - I have had a saying for a longtime. Creativity breeds creativity, now I don't know if I picked this up from somewhere else or not but that is not what is important. Bouncing ideas off people and hearing what they come up with can help out the direction of projects. For most of my big projects I do a brain storming session with several of my creative friends. It helps me shape things out and get it moving the direction where it could possibly be awesome for everyone that sees it. Now this doesn't mean just people, this can be browsing the web and viewing others creative works. As long as you don't copy anyone you are good, it just needs to spark the creativity in you.

7. Pre-plan - With the previous one being about creative people the only better thing you can do then that is properly plan out your entire project or piece from start to finish. For almost all of my work I have a full understanding about what my end piece/s are going to look like. They go nice and smooth due to the tedious planning of the project. Now I understand that many people have a hard time with the planning side of things. However this is needed for any real sized project or you and everyone working with you will go nuts by the end. 

8. Tunes - This might not be for everyone but often I turn on my favorite music and crank it up while I work on my projects. It's relaxing and keeps the mind focused on what I am working on. The music is just background noise so little things won't draw my attention away from what I am working on. I am easily distracted so to keep the flow going I crank up those tunes. 

9. Pat yourself on the back - Yep I said it, we are our own worst critics. So sometimes you just have pat yourself on the back, say good job even if it wasn't your best work. We are creatures of habit, if we always put ourselves down we will continually keep ourselves at that level. Keep your head in cloud nine as long as you can, but due remember that reality is still here. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we do hope this might help some out there. This is not for everyone but I am sure there are some out there that will see this, it might help them out, that is all that matters. Have a great day!