Sometime the fun of a shoot is just not enough. So we decided to add in Gaberiel, Jessicas baby boa. This was a challenging shoot to get everything just right.

Jessica getting the make up done, of course Gabe is just chillin'

First we had to tape down some material on the ground so our hardwood floor wouldn't be so paintastic on Jessica's arms. We really do care about our models, we just push them hard to get the best shots out of them.

Switching out the lighting.. Cause even contortionists have hard times doing poses in ways they aren't use to. I asked Jessica to do a pose she was doing with the currently lighting setup, it being a postion she wasn't used to it required us to shift the lighting to the other side. A 5 minute fix for awesomeness!

Jessica and Gabe (39 of 419).jpg

If you are going to work with us you better not be scared of snakes lol.

Darren and his classic Photo Bomb

Gabe really didn't want to let go of my hand.. he was squeezing the hell out of it lol.