We all look at things differently. And in a world where we can share our opinions so easily to the world, I decided that it might be a good thing to sit down and make a video about our outlook on editing/retouching and the reason why we go about things the way that we do.

I have been a photo retoucher for about 8 years, my experience has helped me growas a retoucher. This has captured peoples attention over the years. With me teaching private one on one classes, and teaching people the techniques that I use to get my images to the quality level that we provide. I figured it would be time to start bringing these techniques, and our way of thinking to you.

This being said we are going to be offering free videos that will help you, hopefully, think a bit differently when it comes to your editing techniques. We will be offering free tips, tricks videos and other small videos to help you improve your abilities. We will also be offering full paid tutorial videos that will be teaching from start to finish how we did the shooting, and completed it all the way to the final output image. We want to help you grow as photographers and retouchers and we feel that our knowledge should be shared to those who really want to learn this craft.

This video is going to be the start of this process. This is how I as a photographer look at my images in a retouching point of view. This is an hour long video covering one of the recent images that we have shot during a bridal shoot. I talk about the different steps I use throughout the editing process (liquify, skin retouching, blending and color). This is not a step by step of each of those process, this is just me talking about why I do things and what I really pay attention to. We hope that you enjoy the video, and we are always welcome to comments so we can better provide content to you, the viewer.