Alex messaged me about an up and coming event that they have at a local night club featuring himself, Dj Elements and Dj Giovanni. He wanted a simple shoot that they could use the images on some flyers for the event. So I told him come on over and lets get this ball rolling for you.

Got to clean that lint up.. No need for tape today buddy we got sophisticated with real lint rollers.

As we got the lighting setup the way we wanted it to be Darren and Alex made funny poses in the line of fire so I of course captured a couple. 

So I kept on tweaking the lighting as we waited for Giovanni to show up. We of course cranked up the tunes and jammed out while taking some test shots.

as you can see we go the 5' octabox out to provide a nice clean light. We also have a single kicker camera right running that you can see behind Elements. Jessie our awesome crew member is having his fun on the phone probably snap chatting to all his friends about the shoot.

Ohhh did I mention that Dj A-One brought his brand new GoPro Hero 3 Black and was taking snap shots with it.. There is some video to that we will possibly post at a later date.

Raw out of camera shot of Dj Elements LED Glasses

As we did the test shots Elements brought out his LED Glasses of awesomeness, so we had to take a shot of that with some rim lighting. I do believe that it came out rather well out of camera.

Of course we had to take a selfie with the GoPro. It's pretty damn cool to be able to see what the camera is seeing on the iphone app and take snaps at anytime!

Height became a problem so we had bring out a cinder block and Pelican Case to bring everyone near the same height, of course with some squating to it really work correctly.

All in all it was a great shoot, plenty of fun to be we made some awesome pictures that we will be releasing soon and also you will be seeing on some up and coming flyers! All the pictures in this blog are raw straight out of camera. We will be uploading the full edits as soon as they are done.

Thank you for coming to the blog and seeing what we are up to. We will be continuing to release more and more stuff that we do with bts photos and video. Many things on the horizon so stay tuned!